Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Michael P. McParland

Title: I Hate Everyone (But You)

I hate everyone, but you.
What am I to do?
Everyone here has sold me out.
You're halfway across the continent.
Given time you'll screw me too.

I want to have you close.
To tell you so would be verbose.
I hate everyone else for their demonic countenance.
Pushing hard as if I'm a retard.
Their fakeness makes life so hard.

I hate everyone but you,
and it won't get better soon.
Sometimes you're so cold and distant.
Inside though you're consistent.
I see what you have hidden.
Beauty like the garden of eden.

Just like me you hate these fleas.
Sucking off our lifes blood pity.
I hate everyone but you.
So what are we to do.
Given a chance we'll get past all the fools,
who try to bring us down so cruel.

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