Thursday, June 26, 2008



he smiles, she holds my hand,
we walk through the door,
her hand holding mine,
his smile still warm in my memory.
i can't breathe,
time seems to stop,
nothing seems to move,
she is still here, he is still smiling.
stop this, this maddening speed,
so slow, yet so tiring,
so slow, yet so wounding,
i can't speak, i've lost my soul.
silence screams all around,
and she hasn't let go,
she's strong for me,
he's strong for me.
i am strong for me,
but i don't want to be anymore,
i am fading, dying, cell by cell,
but..she is still here, he is still smiling.

26th June 08, 12:21am

1 comment:

alice said...

i like the loop. the consistency from beginning to end.